Why Choose KidsCo?

We bring the fun space, to your office place

Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in the world, but it is also the most rewarding.  However, for those who are equally passionate about their careers, school holidays can be the most daunting time, turning parents into circus performers juggling programs and play dates and often dropping the ball somewhere during the performance. This is the reason why Adrian Rokman and Laynton Allan set up KidsCo.

KidsCo on Sunrise


No rushing or weaving through peak hour traffic… we’re in your office

Fun & Engaging

Programs created and run by qualified teachers and coaches who are also big kids at heart


Work-life balance is dear to us all. Let us give you the opportunity to balance the scales


Welcome to the KidsCo way…

We are dedicated to offering fun, developmental and age appropriate office school holiday programs. Our activities help your child learn through play and exploration whilst building confidence, feeling good about themselves, and instilling leadership.

At KidsCo each day features an exciting theme that sets the stage for the days activities, designed by teachers and child care specialists with 15 years’ experience in the industry. Each theme incorporates FUNdamental areas of learning (Active, Create, Move and Experiment) in a FUN, ENGAGING, INCLUSIVE environment.

Explore the tabs below to find out more about our corporate school holiday programs…

Sport & Fitness

Kids break a sweat playing games where they’ll learn how to understand structure, figure out strategies, and practice teamwork.

Physical confidence is important to a child’s self-esteem and capacity for development and thus a key focus area every day at KidsCo.

Arts & Craft

All elements of our programs allow the kids to express themselves by using their imagination to explore the world.

Whether we’re building a Lego castle, creating superheros or painting a family portrait your child will be sure to have fun whilst developing key life skills. The best part, they’ll often have something to keep and show mum or dad what they are super proud of.


Science is a part of our daily life. Everything we do and deal with in life is science. Science is COOL!

KidsCo engages children with a hands-on approach, encouraging kids to wonder, discover and explore.

Kids enjoy REAL experiments with LIVE results and sometimes our projects and experiments go home, so your kids can teach you a new thing or two!

Music & Dance

This is where future rock stars and idols are discovered! Children get to start a band, co-write and act out their own version of the news or perhaps learn a hip-hop dance routine with a special performance for their die-hard fans (your office!).

Music, Dance and acting take an inner experience, move it into a shared creative experience — tapping into hidden courage that can be played out with confidence.

The guys behind KidsCo

School Holiday Programs in the workplace! KidsCo provide children with fun, educational school holiday activities during the school holidays. Sport activities, art and craft activities, dancing and acting classes, science experiments, kids cooking classes. Our incursions include reptile shows, science workshops and sport clinics. Our excursions take the kids rock climbing, go karting, Bounce, art centre, Museums – the most awesome school holiday activities for children of all ages! Best of all, we operate through all Australian states over all school holidays dates. Victorian School Holidays, New South Wales School holidays, Queensland School holidays. All programs are designed and taught by accredited school teachers and coaches who know how to have fun and are a true big kid at heart. KidsCo – School Holiday Programs in the workplace.