Virtual Holiday Care

8 hours of (educational) FUN for the kids,

8 hours of clear focus for YOU!

Choice of Sessions
per Week

A new theme every single day with a focus on education & the STEAM curriculum

Qualified School Teachers

Our KidsCo Teachers are live for the whole session to engage, assist & facilitate

Activity Kits delivered to your door

Activity Kits with all the resources you need delivered directly to your door

Interact in Real

Virtual classrooms with 1 teacher to 12 students to ensure inclusiveness & personal attention


How does it work?

Qualified school teachers deliver the FUN and education, with an emphasis on social interaction (so the kids make new friends and don't realise they are actually learning)

  • Designed for kids aged 5-12yo 

  • All your child needs is a laptop or tablet, we provide the rest!

 You will receive:

  • an activity kit with all the activities, resources and materials required for each day

  • 8 hours of care, fun and engagement for your child

  • 8 hours of child-free time to focus (priceless)!


Virtual Holiday Programs - Info Deck.jpg

What do our KidsCo families have to say?

  • "It was an absolute lifesaver in these difficult times & allowed me to get work done in a very productive way. It meant between 8:45am & 4:30pm I didn’t have to worry about the kids because they were happy & entertained."

    - Selby Lyn

  • "It was the 2 quietest days of their holidays from my perspective. I could really just focus on work & they were totally engaged. We had our breaks & lunch together & they chatted non-stop about what they’d been doing."

    - Emma

  • "She literally had THE best time. So much fun – great programs, well prepared, and delivered amazingly via the online setting.  The packs sent out were absolutely fantastic! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

    - Rachel