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The ‘Great Resignation’ is upon us! I’m sure you’ve heard of it – it’s a growing concern across the globe and experts anticipate the phenomenon is headed down under. 

With this imminent crisis looming, it’s evident we’re already experiencing some labour shortages across a number of industries and sectors across Australia. Let’s explore why this is and what you can do!

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You’re in good company…

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School holidays are a difficult period for both working parents, carers, and their organisations. KidsCo’s school holiday programs help your team balance the scales between work and family commitments whether it be in the office or when working from home. We aim to eliminate the need for your team to seek alternative childcare, leave work early, or take unnecessary leave!

More than just a school holiday program

Employee Engagement
Mental Health & Wellbeing
Employee Retention
Positive Workplace Culture
Top Talent Aquisition
WGEA Minimum Standards
Support for Carers

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