Adrian Rokman – Personality (playful, energetic, crazy, cheeky, warm, confident)

Meet Adrian, also known as the Biggest Kid in Town. He’s the one you’ll always see in a t-shirt. Responsible and professional and always with a smile, this is how Adrian does business, forming relationships with the children entrusted to his care and understanding what they want and need. He always remembers everyone’s name and welcomes the kids with a secret handshake, wanting them to have fun and leave with a smile, without realising they have actually spent the day learning important skills and being educated. Adrian brings the fun to KidsCo. with his creative concepts and years of experience in this area as previous owner of a multi-sport program designed for preschoolers, kindergarten and primary school aged children in Melbourne. It was here that he realised the effort parents had to make to get the kids there in the morning and an even bigger struggle to organise pick up if their jobs didn’t allow them to leave early.

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