Onsite School Holiday Programs

A working parents support initiative in the workplace

You won't even know we were there

Your employees easily enrol their children through our online portal

Our Australian qualified teachers manage and set up in your boardroom

Employees can feel focused and productive at work knowing their children are next door

Everything will be packed and out of your workplace without a trace

Help promote mental health and productivity over the school holidays

KidsCo’s award-winning programs are fully managed, planned, facilitated and set up by our qualified teachers without disrupting the workday.

Our team will organise everything from enrolment, setting up the boardroom, providing materials, facilitating activities to packing up.


Of parents felt more valued by their workplace


Of parents felt more engaged at working during school holidays


Of parents took less time off work during school holidays

Creating Family Friendly Workplaces

Build loyalty and create a family friendly workplace by providing working parents the ultimate solution.

Our team of qualified teachers organise everything from setting up the boardroom, providing materials, facilitating activities to packing up without disrupting the workday.

See what our happy parents have to say

Feedback from other staff has been positive also, staff are happy that their kids are occupied and learning while we are all working from home. And on the plus side the kids were exhausted yesterday and slept in this morning!! Happy parents. An awesome job by you, Laynton and the KidsCo team to get things up and running so quickly and seamlessly.

- Joanna B, working mum from Liberty

See what our happy parents have to say

The whole experience far exceeded our expectations and my daughter was so excited just receiving the box with all the equipment and accessories for the 2 days. There are so many good ideas that have been thought through from the timers on the Zoom call to the activity book and ice breakers to start the session. The teachers were amazing and kept up the energy levels despite the time difference.

- Craig V, working dad from Credit Suisse UK

See what our happy parents have to say

I’m so impressed with the professionalism of all the teachers and the ability to engage the kids over Zoom, not an easy task and one that we’re all still adapting too. The program has also helped my husband and I manage the crazy juggle of working from home and keeping the kids entertained for a large portion of the day - invaluable!

- Lizzy K, working mum from Latitude Financial

See what our happy parents have to say

Just a quick note to say how amazing your program is. As Indie is an only child this has been a much needed relief from self isolation and interacting with other kids.
My husband and I are very thankful and her teacher is amazing. Well done 🙂

- Connie M, working from mum from Public

See what our happy parents have to say

I wasn’t sure how the boys would go with it being online, but they have absolutely LOVED the days that they did this week! I got to see them in action at times and it was a great program, even in online form, I was so impressed. They learned so much and did so much over the course of the day, and really enjoyed it – they couldn’t tell me about everything fast enough when I walked in the door!!!

- Kelly P, working mum from Latitude

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