Welcome to the KidsCo way…

At KidsCo each day features an exciting theme that sets the stage for the days activities, specially designed by teachers and child care specialists.

Each theme incorporates all fundamental areas of learning (Sport & Fitness, Design & Create, Experiment & Discover, Move & Hear) in a FUN, ENGAGING, INCLUSIVE environment.

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Sport & Fitness

Kids break a sweat playing games where they’ll learn how to understand structure, figure out strategies, and practice teamwork.

Physical confidence is important to a child’s self-esteem and capacity for development and thus a key focus area every day at KidsCo.


Arts & Craft

All elements of our programs allow the kids to express themselves by using their imagination to explore the world. Whether we’re building a Lego castle, creating superheros or painting a family portrait your child will be sure to have fun whilst developing key life skills. The best part, they’ll often have something to keep and show mum or dad what they are super proud of.



Science is a part of our daily life. Everything we do and deal with in life is science. Science is COOL!

KidsCo engages children with a hands-on approach, encouraging kids to wonder, discover and explore.

Kids enjoy REAL experiments with LIVE results and sometimes our projects and experiments go home, so your kids can teach you a new thing or two!


Music & Dance

This is where future rock stars and idols are discovered! Children get to start a band, co-write and act out their own version of the news or perhaps learn a hip-hop dance routine with a special performance for their die-hard fans (your office!).

Music, Dance and acting take an inner experience, move it into a shared creative experience — tapping into hidden courage that can be played out with confidence.


Calling all Super Heroes! Iron your superhero costume & warm up your super powers!

Everybody needs a super hero and we need your masterminds to create it a real life concept.
Are you faster than the speed of light? We’ll soon find out at the super hero obstacle course where we will all take turns racing, climbing, weaving and jumping and in the afternoon we’ll learn about light speed and find out if we are faster than the speed of light!

Design & Create – Design your own super hero
Sport & Fitness – It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no – it’s the super hero obstacle course!
Experiment – Faster than the speed of light?
Move’n’Hear – It’s the super hero shuffle.

Months Old

Class Size

Buckle up, were learning to drive at the KidsCo Driving School!

We’ll start with the road rules and road safety before jumping in our REAL motorised cars to learn driving, parking and reversing.
Before the they waive the checkered flag at the end of the day you’ll sit your drivers licence test and receive your KidsCo Driving Licence to take home!

Design & Create – The car of the future
Sport & Fitness – REAL driving school!
Experiment – Driving test – will you get your license?
Move’n’Hear – Traffic Light Limbo

Months Old

Class Size

This aint no hocus pocus – this is REAL Magic!

Lets spend the day learning marvellous magic! Invisible writing and hidden messages to take home but not before we make everything glow in the dark. You’re invited to help as the magicians’ assistants when Harry Houdini comes in and spills the beans (on all his tricks).

Design & Create – Hidden message – invisible writing.
Sport & Fitness – Now you see me, Now you don’t!
Experiment – Were making blue freeze and glow in the dark.
Move’n’Hear – a magician never shares their tricks, until now – Harry Houdini is coming in!

Months Old

Class Size

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF – were leaving this universe to explore space!

For centuries people have dreamed about leaving earth and today our mission is to climb in to your oxygen bubble to play BUBBLE Sports!
All this space travel means we need fuel – we’ll re-energise our bodies with jet fuel juice and create a (healthy) meteor storm to eat for afternoon tea.

Design & Create – Every astronaut needs an oxygen helmet and jet pack.
Sport & Fitness – were getting in our oxygen bubbles for out of this world bubble sport and activities!
Experiment – We're cooking up a meteor storm…that we can eat.
Move’n’Hear – listening to the rings of space, shooting stars and meteors while we stretch our muscles.

Months Old

Class Size

Prison Break!! Sound the alarm! The baddies have broken out of jail and its up to us to catch them.

Prison Break kicks off when we split into 2 teams – inmates / detectives. Prison inmates will get into character with fake tattoos and an escape plan whilst our detectives create their detective kit and search for fingerprints. Throughout a series of fun, problem solving, challenges, teams will work together to decipher clues, which will contain a task list of activities they will need to complete.

Design & Create – Detective kit / Escapee tools
Sport & Fitness – Scavenger hunt to catch the escaped inmates
Experiment – Forensic finger prints
Move’n’Hear – Freeze, Police!

Months Old

Class Size

Attention all Actors, Directors, Stunt people and Videographers – we’re going to Hollywood!

Ever wondered how they add special effects to a movie? Or how an actor falls out of a building unscathed? Today were going to learn it all, we even have a REAL special effects guru coming in to teach us all – Lights, Camera, Action PACKED!

Design & Create – Were making our very own Hollywood stars.
Sport & Fitness –We're learning real life stunts!
Experiment – Get behind the camera and learn about special visual effects and no film is complete without popcorn.
Move’n’Hear – Lights camera action – were filming!

Months Old

Class Size

Reuse, Re-invent, Recycle – We’ll“go green” in the most colorful way!

All of todays activities involve recyclable items!
Waste, and how we choose to handle it, affects our world’s environment—that’s YOUR environment! So slip on your gloves as we rummage through rubbish to create sport equipment, garden accessories and a real life size cut out of you made with rubbish!

Design & Create – Were making a life size YOU.
Sport & Fitness –Trash Triathlon.
Experiment – Make your very own bottle planter.
Move’n’Hear – Trash or treasure?







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