The Rollercoaster of Virtual Teaching

Hey there people! Beth here to share how my experience has been transitioning to virtual teaching. Nothing beats face to face learning (or so I thought), there is nothing like seeing the smiles of kids and laughing together. But for these past holidays that was not an option.

Being a teacher, the concept of trying to teach and engage kids via a virtual platform seemed daunting to me at first, however, I soon realised that it honestly was not as challenging as it may seem. Despite a few minor hiccups due to navigating new software, I soon eased my way into it. The kids were resilient and adapted well to this new way of learning, and let’s be honest, kids are far more tech-savvy than adults these days anyway.

The virtual holiday programs were a huge success. If I’m honest, it surprised me how well these programs were executed in such a short time frame, and how easy and fun they were to run. In no time everyone became familiar with interacting on screen and it felt really natural for both me and the kids.

A real highlight for me during the Virtual programs was seeing the kids interact with each other and make new friends. In a time of such uneasiness where the kids were in isolation unable to see their mates at school, it was heartwarming to see new friendships being formed. We might have all been in isolation, but we weren't alone. The screens weren’t a barrier and we saw some of the kids make friendships that will last. 

My favourite story to come out of the virtual programs would have to be one of 2 little girls. They started out the day not knowing each other and by lunchtime, they were best friends. The girls stayed online during lunch break to chat, get to know each other and just have fun while everyone else was off-screen. The best part; they got their parents on-screen to exchange details so after all of this is over they can catch up in person! This was such a heartwarming moment as I got to see the real-life impact we were having with our virtual programs.

The themes and activities that we created especially for the virtual programs were a real highlight too. If I had to choose, my favourite virtual theme would have been Pokemon Go! Pokemon fan or not, the theme was a hit! The interactive games were a great way to get kids moving. It was so fun to watch the kids getting competitive and really into the games. In reality, we were all standing in a room with a computer screen in front of us, but it didn't feel like that, it felt like we were all together.

I’m super proud of what the KidsCo team managed to pull off in such a short amount of time, and with everything that was going on in the world. Each person really knuckled down and worked on their own zone of genius to create such an amazing experience for everyone involved! Nothing stops this team and I cannot wait to see where we go next with Virtual Programs.

Big High Fives and I can’t wait to see everyone next holidays!