KidsCo Brings the Fun back to Teaching

Most people who attended school could think back and name one teacher they loved the most. One teacher that connected with them, beyond academic scores or school participation. Likewise, most teachers who graduated from their tertiary studies could remember their desire to be one of those teachers, the ones who make a difference to a student’s life.

Unfortunately, Australia’s teachers aren’t as happy and fulfilled as they used to be. This comes as a result of the lack of job security with seven out of 10 new graduates feeling that their work is negatively affected by the stress and effort of reapplying for their current or new job.

Furthermore, 65% of new teachers are on short-term contracts leaving them with little time to form meaningful connections with students in knowledge that they’re unlikely to be there for the long-term.

Those teachers with dreams of being the Morrie Shwartz or John Keating to their students find their dream to be quickly emulsified into paperwork, reporting, rigid learning outcomes with an even more rigid curriculum, leaving less ability to actually connect with students in other ways.

Ourselves and many others believe we need to do more for teachers. While their salaries might not reflect it, they have a great accountability to our children. They are the next major influencers in developing positive citizens of the future outside of the family home.

We asked the KidsCo teachers what they love most about our program and here are some of the answers:

  1. You get to be a big kid for the day

  2. No paperwork or assessments

  3. Extra cash in the school holidays

  4. Flexible schedule

  5. No overtime work

  6. Making new connections with other teachers in your position

Here at KidsCo, we value teachers. We understand that, contrary to popular belief, school holidays aren’t school holidays to them. They are one of the four important stakeholders in our business and we strive to make them feel valued in our programs and provide them with some relief from the current stressful teaching environment through the opportunity for them to reconnect with their inner big kid and remember why they chose to become teachers in the first place.

If you know any awesome teachers that you think might benefit from the KidsCo program, have them send through their CV to .

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