BTS: A Sneak Peek Into How Our Epic Programs Come to Life!

Imagine the smell of fairy floss wafting through the air while you walk through Disneyland all the way to your favourite rollercoaster that terrifies and excites you at the same time. We try to capture this feeling and build it into all of our epic programs. Every school term we come up with new themes so any two days at KidsCo are never the same.

We get some of our best teachers together and with our program development director, Alyce, they brainstorm! They let their imagination run wild and the crazy ideas we come up with would surprise you.

Here’s a bit of a hint into only some of the themes we have coming this Winter:

We're taking a walk on the wild side and heading back in time to get radical! It's time to break out your winter woollies as we brave the cold and train to become the next ring leader. Let's cel-e-brate good times (C'MON) as KidsCo turns 3; so grab your party hat and let's go!

Once the themes are chosen, it’s time to get some inspiration for the epic day ahead. This is where Pinterest becomes our best friend, is this any better place to draw inspiration?

Creating a mood board and getting ideas from others for different games and activities, gives us the best feeling. One of my personal favourite games is when we get the kids to pop a shower cap and poncho on, spray some shaving cream on top of the cap and the other kids get to throw Cheetos onto the shaving cream. The end result, a makeshift clown wig and priceless faces!

After we have gathered all of our inspiration into one place, we start to create our lesson plans for the day. We always make sure we cover 4 areas in our lesson plans:

  • Design & Create - to make sure their imaginations reach new limits

  • Sport & Fitness - we like to keep the kids active and go outside to play

  • Experiment & Discover - hands-on fun for everyone

  • Move & hear - a way to immerse all the senses

We tie all the activities to the theme so you could be playing Flamingo Croquet or making your own Treasure Map.

All of the planning and creating come together and our awesome teachers run the programs. The best part, they each put their own spin on it to match the group of kids. We create the foundations and the teachers take it to the next level, getting all the kids involved and integrating the themes.

Check out this video from Rollercoaster Tycoon day at one of our programs:

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