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Let’s Talk Mental Health! The Reality of Parental Burnout.

Let's Talk Mental Health! The Reality of Parental Burnout. (1)

Let’s Talk Mental Health! The Reality of Parental Burnout. #MentalHealthAwareness

It’s no surprise parental burnout is a real thing. You know the drill – juggling work, family and other household responsibilities can feel like you’re strapped onto a rollercoaster without a seatbelt. Anxiety-inducing, scary, stressful and sometimes out of control!

Let’s dive into the reality of being a working parent and the secret sauce to helping parental employees in your workforce not just survive but thrive in being an epic working parent.

Diving into Mental Health Data

As Mental Health Awareness month approaches in Australia and #RUOKDay just around the corner, let’s spotlight the shocking mental health statistics of your fellow parental colleagues:


Going beyond the surface and exploring meaningful ways to support

Being a working parent can feel like you’re working 2 full-time jobs, so your parental workforce deserves your utmost attention and support. To do that, you’ll need to go beyond a cupcake or a pat on the back, although a nice gesture, let’s step up your game.

Here are a few ways you can make an impact:

Parental Leave Perks
Do you have parental leave policies in place? It can be overwhelming preparing for a new addition to the family so access to paid parental leave for all parents, regardless of gender is a game changer.

WGEA reports that only 6% of employers offer more than 18 weeks of leave to primary carers with a few notable companies like KPMG, Ashurst and more having the BEST parental leave policies, with a whopping 26 weeks of paid parental leave that could be taken flexibly.

Flexible Working Arrangements
If your workplace hasn’t embraced flexible working arrangements, it’s time to catch up! Flexible work options are no longer a luxury but a must-have for everyone, not just parents. When it comes to juggling work and family, remote work and flexible working schedules are imperative in reducing stress and fostering work-life balance. In fact, this can be a dealbreaker when retaining or acquiring employees too.

71% of HR leaders say remote work has helped their organisations hire and retain more employees (McKinsey & Company Survey).

Accessible Onsite Holiday Care
There are 14 weeks of school holidays but only 4 weeks of annual leave for the average employee. That’s 8 weeks of sick, unnecessary and unpaid leave. Finding alternative care can be a real challenge, expensive and super stressful.

ANZ CEO, Shayne Elliot put it perfectly and acknowledged the struggle amongst working parents and carers at ANZ, especially during the school holidays. 

“It can be a real juggle for parents and carers to balance school holidays with work. I clearly remember when my daughter was younger and the stress involved in ensuring the school holidays were fun. To help make life that little bit easier, this week we welcomed hundreds of kids into the office to participate in an action-packed school holiday program.”

So, give your parents a real treat this school holidays – access to child care during the most stressful times of the year. KidsCo’s school holiday programs bring care and convenience right to your office, making care during this period easy and highly accessible for your overwhelmed working parents. Imagine bringing your kids to work and having a more engaged, mentally healthy and productive workforce! Now that’s game-changing.

Don’t just tick a box and do more than a cupcake. Learn how you can make a real impact here. 👈

Here’s a glimpse of your future workplace!

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