Innovative Ways Employers can make it easier for the real MVPs (Working Mums) - KidsCo

Innovative Ways Employers can make it easier for the real MVPs (Working Mums)

Innovative Ways Employers can make it easier for the real MVPs (Working Mums)

Innovative Ways Employers can make it easier for the real MVPs (Working Mums)


This International Women’s Day, we’re having a conversation about how we can empower working mothers to be superheroes‍

At KidsCo, we rise by lifting others and are celebrating #eachforequal this year. We should be helping not only working mums, but working dads to help create an equal world. After reading the National Working Families 2019 report, we realised that we all need to do more to help working parents.

What are the biggest challenges facing working parents this year?

  • 62% of working parents find their biggest challenge to be looking after their personal physical and mental wellbeing
  • ⅔ of all working parents are too exhausted and drained when they get home from work to contribute to their family
  • ½ of all women and a ⅓  of men who were parenting or caring said they were under ‘a lot’ of stress or a ‘great deal’ of stress.
  • ⅓ reported that the combination of work and family responsibilities contributed to stress and tension in the relationship with their partners and with their children.
  • ½ had missed out on family activities in the past month, due to time they had to spend at work.


We will put our hand up and say, this just isn’t right. Working Parents are the real superheroes (sorry Spiderman).

This impacts themselves and their little ones. Being a working parent can not only be a barrier in re-entering the workforce but gaining a promotion as well. 1 in 3 parents feel they have been overlooked for a promotion because of their need for flexible working arrangements.

So what can we do to help them?

Here are the 5 things parents are crying out for:

  1. Flexible working arrangements
  2. In-house childcare (think KidsCo)
  3. Family-friendly leaders in the workplace
  4. Reducing job pressure and workload
  5. Training leaders to embed working family policies

Implementing even one of these solutions could have your working parents flying!

How are we helping our team?

We are the biggest advocates for looking after your physical and mental health, after all, it is all about work-life balance. Our team has the flexibility to work from home some days when they need to or leave early to catch up with family. You will see us taking brain breaks during the day, going for a walk around the block, hitting up the gym or taking the time to meditate. Our team is KidsCo and it wouldn’t be the same without them!

And how can we help your team?‍

We’re your one-stop shop for an ultimate onsite school holiday program! We come to your workspace and look after everyone’s little legends so their parents can work stress-free. Our programs are developed like no other school holiday program out there, think build your own robot and real-life Mario Kart races.


38% of parents want onsite care for their kids, and we should start listening to what they are saying. Get in touch with us!

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