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How Ford increased productivity by 55% and engagement by 76%

Ford Case Study 1

Ford Overview
Ford identified lulls in productivity and engagement during the school holiday periods. After investigating and having conversations with their staff it was clear that the key demographic impacted was their parents. KidsCo was engaged to help understand the key challenges parents were facing during the affected period and to provide an onsite school holiday program, which aligned with their company’s culture and values, whilst meeting Ford’s goals.

Key Challenges

  1. Decrease in productivity during the school holiday periods
  2. Poor survey responses and leadership feedback showed that staff engagement was decreasing.

KidsCo held discovery sessions with staff and leadership to understand their core issues before presenting their findings and solution to the Ford senior leadership team. An onsite school holiday program was facilitated at Ford’s Campbellfield, Melbourne location with 60 placements each day for children aged 5 – 12 years old.


  • 56% increase in productivity*
  • 76% of staff felt more engaged*

Ford saw that 96% of working parents were able to take less time off for child-related purposes compared to previous school holiday periods where the program was not offered.


It is a fantastic initiative and I’d recommend KidsCo to any company considering it. Not only does it make managing leave easier during school holidays it creates a greater connection between the kids and their parents’ workplace, and between colleagues. Having kids onsite really changes the feel of the workplace. – Stuart B, Working Dad from Ford


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*KidsCo Survey 2023

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