All registrations for KidsCo programs are to be made online here. Following registration and once payment has been made, participants will receive a confirmation email for their chosen KidsCo program.

For your conveneice, KidsCo staff are on site from 8am to 6pm to allow minimal disruptions to your everyday work balance. Programs will commence from 9:00am and conclude at 5pm.

• All medical conditions are required to be specified on the KidsCo registration form.
• KidsCo coordinators hold an Apply First Aid and anaphylaxis certificate.
• If participants require medication during the KidsCo Program, they are required to clearly label their medication.
• In the event of an accident or illness, KidsCo staff will obtain all necessary medical assistance and treatment as per the terms and conditions.

Participants are encouraged to wear clothing that is comfortable and suitable for physical activity.

KidsCo expects participants to behave in a manner that makes the program an enjoyable experience for everyone. If participants display inappropriate behaviour, staff will follow management procedures. If participants continue to display inappropriate behaviour after management procedures have been followed, parents will be notified and their child removed from the KidsCo Holiday Program.

The KidsCo Programs are open to those currently aged between 5-12 years old. Programs are specially designed by primary and secondary teachers to engage participants from all ages.

All children are afforded great access to relevant attention requirments as KidsCo strictly adhere to a 1:10 ratio.

Participants are encouraged to bring a healthy morning tea and lunch. There will be breaks during the program to allow time for participants to eat their food as well as reenergise for the activities throughout the day. Please ensure your child does not bring any food with nuts due to allergies of other children at the program.

KidsCo realises that circumstances can change and parents may need to cancel the registration of a participant. If a registration is cancelled more than 7 days in advance, the payment will be refunded less a $30 administration fee. Cancellations within 1 week commencement of the program will not be refunded; if you have any concerns please Contact Us to discuss further.