Family Friendly Workplace Case Study: HCF Australia - KidsCo

Family Friendly Workplace Case Study: HCF Australia

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Family Friendly Workplace Case Study: HCF Australia

Family Friendly Workplaces aim to improve work life wellbeing, inclusion and equity outcomes for families by introducing a set of certifiable National Work + Family Standards for employers. As proud supporting partners, KidsCo helps organisations in terms of Family Care Standards with our School Holiday and Virtual Care Programs to support working parents and carers.

HCF Australia shared their experience with Family Friendly Workplaces below:

Point of Difference

Share a family friendly workplace initiative that your organisation excels with and the impact it is having on the workplace culture?

Since the onset of the global pandemic the lines between work and home life have become increasingly blurred. In particular, we recognised the significant challenges HCF families were facing due to the extended lockdown periods and having to juggle work, home and carer responsibilities.


To support our people, one initiative HCF launched was ‘KidsCo’, in partnership with Parents At Work. KidsCo is a virtual program designed to provide safe socialisation for children aged 5–12 years from the comfort of their own home. The program offered all HCF families access to qualified school teachers who engaged the children in high-quality learning activities, with a focus on fun. The online learning ran for two hours each day, giving parents and carers two hours of uninterrupted, child-free time each day to help them balance their work and family commitments.


The timely launch of KidsCo was key, as it gave parents comfort in knowing that despite the ongoing restrictions, their children were still able to engage in fun, educational and social activities. Our families appreciated the extra assistance during what was a stressful time for many, with parents commenting on the fantastic impacts it had on their kid’s wellbeing as well as their own.


This program was a great demonstration of HCF’s commitment to providing family friendly initiatives and seeking to understand the changing needs of our parents, grandparents and carers alike.


How have you seen your people respond to this initiative (above)?

The feedback from our HCF families was overwhelmingly positive, with many parents commenting on not only the benefits to them, but also the significant wellbeing and social benefits for their children. The great uptake of the program resulted in HCF repeatedly extending the KidsCo offering period to support the increased employee demand during lockdown. Overall, KidsCo provided support to over 85 HCF families with more than 1400 hours of learning and fun delivered.


What are some of the business benefits you see from being a family inclusive organisation?

At HCF, we believe in the power of a diverse and inclusive workplace. We know that to deliver the best outcomes for our members, we need to enable a workforce who are engaged, connected and supported. That’s why we’ve invested in a wide range of programs that focus on support for the whole family through practical tools and expert advice. Some of the health and wellbeing programs we’ve made available to all employees, include partnerships with Calm Kid Central, Parents At Work, Snug Health App, PHYSCH2U, EAP, Woebot and ThisWayUp.

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