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Family Friendly Workplaces Case Study: TPG Telecom

Case Study_ How TPG Telecom is Creating a Family Friendly Workplace

Family Friendly Workplace Case Study: TPG Telecom


What is Family Friendly Workplaces?

Parents At Work and UNICEF Australia have united with industry and community leaders to develop National Work + Family Standards in a response to results of the National Working Families Report and the impact of COVID-19 on families and workplaces. The aim in establishing these standards is to:

Educate employers
on the importance of embracing family friendly policies and practices as an enabler of workplace diversity and inclusion, health and wellbeing

Provide a framework and guidelines
for employers to foster a family friendly workplace culture

a sustainable way of providing employers with ongoing best practice work + family research, policies and guidance

Certify employers
that meet core standards and recognise those that go above and beyond as an Employer of Choice

‍Family Friendly Workplaces aim to improve work life wellbeing, inclusion and equity outcomes for families by introducing a set of certifiable National Work + Family Standards for employers. As proud supporting partners, KidsCo helps organisations in terms of Family Care Standards with our School Holiday and Virtual Lockdown Care Programs to support working parents and carers.

TPG Telecom shared their experience with Family Friendly Workplaces below:

Why is TPG Telecom committed to be a family friendly workplace?

What the last year has taught us is that flexibility is crucial to support our people in enabling how we move forward and in embracing our new hybrid way of working. While COVID-19 normalised flexibility through working from home, we know flexibility is much more than that for our people.

We wanted to support our working parents and carers during the stressful school holiday period by providing them with the flexibility and convenience they need to balance work and family responsibilities whether they’re at the workplace or working from home.


What makes your organisation family friendly? What family inclusive programs, practices and processes does your organisation currently have in place?

TPG Telecom has partnered with KidsCo Australia to deliver a school holiday program offering flexibility and support to our TPG Telecom parents and carers both onsite in the office and virtually when parents are working from home through our hybrid work model.‍

Parents have had the struggle of finding care arrangements, leaving work early and feeling disconnected from their children during the school holidays. Our parents and carers have since been able to experience 7-8 hours of guilt-free productivity time with their children attending KidsCo. This allows them to use their well-deserved leave when they can actually unwind and enjoy quality family time.


Read the full case study on the Family Friendly Workplace website

Chat to us about how we can support your organisation in becoming family-friendly here

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