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Hi, we're KidsCo!

Our award-winning school holiday programs support working parents and carers thrive, not just survive the stressful school holiday periods at work.

We’re on a mission to partner with organisations in Caribbean Park to help support their working parents and carers next school holidays.

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Bring your kids to Rollerama and drop them off at the designated FUN zone, we’ll take it from here!

Enjoy your day!

You now have the day to focus on work. We're sure you'll hear all about the FUN during your break!

Our programs are designed and delivered by teachers who are passionate about delivering a premium school holiday program that is fun, safe and educational!

No two days are ever the same at KidsCo, with an exciting theme to set the stage for each day! Each session covers a range of engaging activities from our KidsCo curriculum:

  • Experiment & Discover

    Kids are guided through STEM-based activities, encouraging them to explore options and design solutions to FUN problems

    Kids are encouraged to COLLABORATE, share their ideas and encourage each other

    Activities are facilitated in a flexible way, to meet the needs of the skill level and interest of kids participating in the session

  • Move & Hear

    Expect mini-games, dance-offs and movement activities across the two hours

    Activities are designed to promote basic movement and blood flow in a safe and appropriate way, without causing disruption to parents

    Kids are encouraged to have FUN and enjoy communicating with each other, under the careful guidance of our qualified school teachers

  • Arts & Crafts

    ∙ Kids will unleash their creativity and craft something FUN related to the day’s theme

    ∙ Activities require only basic art resources such as paper, pencils, sticky tape, etc.

    ∙ Kids are encouraged to use their imagination and utilise household recyclables (empty cereal or tissue boxes etc.) with a focus on teaching them about SUSTAINABILITY!

The KidsCo Curriculum

Design & Create

Kids will unleash their creativity with FUN art and craft activities associated with the day’s theme.

Experiment & Discover

STEM-based learning that encourages kids to experiment and design creative solutions.

Move & Hear

Mini-games, dance-offs, music, drama and other activities that promote blood flow and basic movement.

Sport & Fitness

Let’s get PHYSICAL! Get the blood pumping in a variety of sporting activities in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

You're in good company...

The KidsCo


of parents saw
a positive impact on
their mental health


of parents felt
more valued by
their workplace


of parents felt
more engaged at work
during school holidays

Hi! We’re KidsCo.

We’re making work-life balance a reality for working families. KidsCo’s award-winning onsite holiday programs support over 100 ASX-listed companies by helping working parents and carers thrive, not just survive the stressful school holiday periods at work.