Bringing families together through their favourite school or leisure centre! - KidsCo

Bringing families together through their favourite school or leisure centre!

Bringing families together through their favourite school or leisure centre!

Bringing families together through their favourite school or leisure centre!


We’re growing up! Just like everything else in life, KidsCo is growing, changing and adapting to the world around us. 

Over the last 5 years, we’ve empowered working parents and carers across Australia with convenience and flexibility through their employers. Through these years we have been inundated with requests from parents: “Can KidsCo run programs at my school?”

Well, guess what… KidsCo is coming to a school near you! We now bring the FUN every day of the year with our new Before & After School Care programs, the KidsCo way ✌️

The aim of the game is to help raise little legends that are resilient, thoughtful and creative. Our industry-first extended curriculum focuses on resilience, emotional wellbeing, human-centred learning and physical literacy.

Our curriculum is backed by our advisory board of education visionaries, Lael Stone and Sophie Fenton to raise the next generation of AWESOME!


Bringing families together every day of the year

Just like buying new clothes after a growth spurt, we needed a new website that fit our new extension!

The core goal for our website refinement is to provide our parents, schools and corporate partners with an easier way to learn about KidsCo’s solutions that are tailored for their needs.

Our programs make the lives of our KidsCo families and partners easier so it’s only fair that our website does the same.

Here are some new things you can find on our website!

Optimised navigation bar

Our new navigation bar makes your online experience with us easy peasy. All of our solutions are now categorised by you, our awesome client!


KidsCo user-specific pages

Whether you’re a corporate parent looking for more information about the programs offered by your employer, a parent who wants to know what a day looks like at our Before & After School Care, or an HR legend looking for a way to support your team, you can find out more under your dedicated navigation tab.

Check them out for yourself below:


Search bar

You can now search for your school or favourite leisure centre to easily book a program from the parent’s page. This takes you to your preferred location’s landing page where you can see prices, service times,  and program schedules before booking.


Book now page

We don’t blame you if you can’t remember your school’s name with everything else you’re juggling so we’ve included a photo to identify your preferred program location. The flip boxes show you which program types are available for you to book.

If you don’t see your school or leisure centre, drop us a message here and we’ll see what we can do 😉


Contact us page

So our team can get in touch and answer your questions faster, we’ve created separate contact forms to triage your enquiries to the appropriate team members.


About KidsCo and Team page

We’ve got a pretty cool story of how KidsCo was founded and an even cooler team of humans making the magic happen. Check out the pages below to get to know us a little better:


We currently offer programs at selected employers, schools and leisure centres. Join our mailing list here to be the first to hear when our programs are opened to ALL parents!

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