Welcome to KidsCo!

Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in the world, but it is also the most rewarding. However, for those who are equally passionate about their careers, school holidays can be the most daunting time, turning parents into circus performers juggling programs and play dates and often dropping the ball somewhere during the performance. This is the reason why Adrian Rokman and Laynton Allan set up KidsCo.

Many companies now try to foster a positive environment for their staff to give them better work life balance, until the kids go on school holidays and everything goes out the window.  KidsCo. is the solution to everyone’s problems setting up fun and interactive all day programs right there in your office, to create an engaging experience for your kids while you are working close by.  You can even take your lunch break with your child and then go back to your afternoon tasks knowing your little ones are having fun in a warm and secure environment.  No need to organise babysitting or rush in peak hour traffic to drop the kids off somewhere on the way to the office because KidsCo. wants every day to be Bring the Kids to Work Day!

Children love coming into work with you, for them it’s a way of sharing your daily routine and gives them the ability to participate in a world they only ever hear about.  For them you are their hero, the one who makes things happen and keeps them safe, so if you can give them an awesome experience while they are with you in the workplace, you’ve done a great job as a parent and an even better one as an employee. The kids are happy, you’re happy and productivity levels are maintained which means less stress when you get home and really want to spend quality time with your family.

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The KidsCo Difference

Our Teachers

Qualified, Fun, Caring – we look for these traits and more in our teachers!

KidsCo staff are recruited for their passion about developing the little people, not merely for a job.

Whilst being a big kid at heart all KidsCo teachers have a bachelor in education or a degree qualification in childrens services as well as an accredited coaching qualification, (at minimum) level 2 first aid, Anaphylaxis training, Asthma training and a WWC (working with children’s check).

All staff are have also completed “The KidsCo Way” certification program.


We have a maximum of 1:10 children, (significantly below government regulations of 1:15) as we are firm believers in personal attention,

we focus our attention to make your child the centre of attention!

This coupled with our unique KidsCo curriculum designed to give children the best possible preparation for life (or the best school holidays at least!)

Opening Times

At KidsCo we’re all about convenience and flexibility. Our service times are structured on a typical working day, 8.30am-5pm.

If you have any questions or desire more flexibility, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.